Face Yoga

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by Bente Nyeboe
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If there were a way of tightening and tone your facial
skin and muscles without botox and fillers, would you try it?

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Face Yoga

We have more than 600 muscles in our body, but did you know that about 10% of them are placed in our face and neck. 

So there is really a good reason to start taking care of our face and neck muscles.

In Face Yoga, we don't work with all them, as some of them are really small, but when we work with the bigger ones, the smaller ones will work in a minor way.

To complete a really good face yoga session, we use acupressure points and tapping. 

The benefits of doing face yoga are; 

1.  slows down the aging process

2.  tones facial and neck muscles

3.  maintain a relaxed look

4.  glows your skin, makes it look healthier,

5.  can eliminate double chins

6.  release tension in face, neck, and shoulder

7.  gives you a better blood circulation

8. gives you a better posture

9.  teach you to breathe better

10. boost your self-esteem and confidence


Before and After photos

All images are published with permission

Thermographic picture before and after 3 sets (10 sec long) of Face Yoga exercise called “Total facelift”. The red parts are showing warmth caused by increased circulation in the muscles and in the skin. Better circulation increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to every cell, resulting in more radiant and youthful looking skin. 

One year between these photos. The picture from today is without any kind of makeup. Only day creme.

Before and after 15 min. morning face yoga.

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